#MemberCrushMonday: Heather Goldman

September 17, 2018


We have a #MemberCrushMonday on one of our awesome new moms, Heather Goldman.


Here is her story:


"Hi Fellow Crossfitters! I recently had my second baby, so when I heard about Coach Lauren's postpartum-friendly class, I was all on board. Childcare is a huge plus! I love CrossFit for the community and for the variety. It had been quite a while since my last serious lifts, and it is so motivating to be with other people pushing themselves to the limit! 


I'm a classical pianist and staying strong let's me play super loud when I want to. :)  I also love yoga, swimming (I swam on my college team), hiking and cooking. I have a goal of being able to do strict pull-ups, and my favorite lifts are the back squat, and any lunge - mostly because it means I can pick my kids off the floor without groaning any more. Mom-win!" 



#EveryOneHasAPlace #ChuckwallaStrong #ChuckwallaCrossFitCommunity




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