#MemberCrushMonday: Megan Agliano

October 14, 2019

#MemberCrushMonday: Megan Agliano



Here is her story:


What do you do outside of CrossFit?

I am in my 9th year of teaching Religious Studies at Brophy College Prep so I have the unique privilege of teaching ethics to a bunch of high school boys, which is rarely dull.  My husband also teaches (and coaches) there, even in the same department, so Brophy is a big part of our life.  We have a spunky little 3 year old named Abby, who is awesome.    



What is something about you that would surprise us?

It’s possible I am one of the least competitive people who does CrossFit.  I even played tennis in college and have just never gotten too worked up over winning or losing (Which is probably why I didn’t win all that much - but I just thought it was fun to play!)  


What do you enjoy?

I love walking, running and hiking outside when it’s nice, but don’t get to do it as much as I want now that Abby is less excited about stroller rides.  I also enjoy doing little home projects.  Home improvements is one thing I love to day dream about.  I even enjoy painting.   


Why do you CrossFit? 

I was introduced to CrossFit by my sister -in-law and father-in-law who are pretty awesome at CrossFit.  I only went because they invited me to their gym in Chandler and ended up really enjoying it.  It is something that I never get bored with and really see results when I am consistent.  It’s a workout I would probably never push myself to do by myself so I like the structure and accountability.  I also love how supportive CrossFit is by having childcare and having lots of kids around.  This makes working out consistently so much easier.   


What is your favorite CrossFit lift/workout?

At heart I am a cardio lover so I always like the running, rowing and jump roping (is that cardio?) intervals.  Otherwise I like any lift that does not include a squat 😉 


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