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Exercise & education for moms to rebuild their core, confidence & community

Offering personal consultations to customize your fitness plan

to guide you through pregnancy or postpartum exercise.

✔️Rebuild your strength and cardio

✔️Rebuild your fitness foundation so that you can continue your favorite physical activities

✔️Learn the tools to rebuild high-intensity & high-skill movements such as jumping, running, etc.

✔️Learn from 5 different education sessions w/ local women’s health professionals including a pelvic floor PT

✔️Get information about healing and restoring the postpartum body with topics such as: preventing, minimizing, or healing postpartum issues like       

     incontinence & diastasis recti, overcoming postnatal depletion, & postpartum nutrition 

✔️Be able to bring your baby to the workout and have access to childcare

✔️Be welcomed and encouraged JUST AS YOU ARE with the support you need to grow and adapt as you navigate motherhood!!! Find your mom tribe. We have a "gathering time" 30 min prior to class start to build our connection with one another.

Here is what moms have to say about this guidance: 
✳️ “I felt so lost when I went back to a different gym on my own. This program helped me ease back into working out, with direction and without pressure.”

✳️ "It is perfect! Gentle at first and informative, nurturing, easy going, confidence building then challenging . It’s really helped restart an exercise routine and commitment."

✳️ "The focus on reconnecting and rebuilding core was exactly what I was looking for"

✳️ "Helped rebuild confidence to working out especially after cesarean section."